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1604 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
(Corner of Diamond & Sweet)

Naked (no breading)
Kingz Reaper
Nashville Hot
Medium (Buffalo)
Mild (Buffalo)
Sweet BBQ
Spicy BBQ
Lemon Pepper
Hot Lemon Pepper
Caribbean Jerk
Garlic Jerk
BBQ Jerk
Honey Mustard (BBQ)
Mango Habanero
Spicy Garlic
Sweet Red Chili
Parmesan Garlic
Sweet BBQ Parmesan
Buttery Ranch
Kingz Spicy & Sweet
Sweet Raspberry Zing
Sweet Teriyaki
Sea Salt and Vinegar

Ketchup Mustard Mayo Ranch Dressing French Dressing Italian Gold Dressing Kingz Sauce Tomato Lettuce Onion Sliced Pickle Relish

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